HUB Membership – Pay What You Want

We are Celebrating our First Year of Co-working Bliss

We are offering membership on a ‘Pay What You Want’ basis. The HUB offers many amenities, but we have come to appreciate the collaborative nature of our space as well as the benefits of working independently, not alone. So, we invite you to come and try it out over a few days and discover if the HUB is for you. Memberships are month to month, so you only PWYW when you are using the space.

We get this might feel uncomfortable at first. We suggest you talk with our community manager or one of the hosts when you visit to get more clarity on how this method works. We have also suggested prices outlined below.  Over the past year, we have enjoyed cultivating relationships with our existing members and watching our community grow and thrive.  For  more details contact Lachlan, our community manager at

Our perks don’t end at the door, whether you are a local or a roaming professional, stop into the HUB Fairbanks and enjoy the perks of membership here and around the world with our coworking visa. which allows active members of one space to use other coworking spaces free for a set number of days (3 is the default). Click here for coworking spaces you can access with your membership to the HUB.

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